Our uniform care service is first-of-its-kind in the Middle Eastern region which uses a unique technology-driven laundering processes that help to make the most of one of your company’s greatest assets, uniform. We believe that your uniform is more than just what you wear for work, but it is one of the important elements that your brand carries.


A major innovation currently transforming the way we do laundry is RFID tagging (Radio Frequency Identification). Using this micro technology, our products have intelligence built-in, quite literally, as tags are sewn into seam allowing us to identify, locate and track every single laundered item.

The benefits to everyone are massive, simplifying the processes involved at both customer premises and at the laundry, giving instant, dynamic information.


As a one-stop laundry service provider in Dubai, we offer high-quality linen service to hospitals, hotels and restaurants. We understand how important it is for your business to offer clean linen to your customers and guests. That is why at Lavender City Laundry, we take utmost care to ensure that every piece that leaves our laundry plant is sterile and meet our stringent quality standards.